Videos that spark interestand earn attention

Right Brained is a video production and creative content agency together in one. We create online video campaigns, branded content and 360 videos and take them from idea to execution. We focus on turning the ideas of brands and companies into videos that capture your imagination and emotion.

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Right Brained assists companies to create content and video strategies that can be implemented throughout the entire year. In 2017, our main goal is to create inspiring content that will keep your viewers engaged. At Right Brained, we work with you to develop compelling strategies resulting in a desirable, long lasting effect on your target audience.


We are most known for our branded content that we have created for over 100 clients. Our new website will include lots of new video's, but also cases about how we create these video's and insights for our clients.


We believe that videos are an integral part of many smaller and medium sized businesses. For this reason, it is important for us to help companies incorporate video production into their marketing mix. We help companies establish their own ‘within-company’ video production departments. And for those companies looking for video creatives for day to day work, we connect them with some of the best from all around the world.